UHURU on TV 2!

Check out Uhuru on TV 2 pilot!

This pilot was put into place for the sole purpose of giving minority students another platform to develop as broadcast journalists, talk about the issues as well as successes of our community and to showcase diversity on Kent State University. All footage is pre-recorded from past semesters at Kent State University. Want more? Like and share with friends!


  • Act Local Think Global: Show hosts ask Kent States about who they are and their backgrounds to show KSU students may all look different but we all are similar in some way shape or form, regardless of what culture we are from.
  • Conscious Convos: Topic about the separation of Africans, 1st generation Africans and African Americans at Kent State
  • Scholarly Style: Interview with distinguished faculty Professor Babacar M’Baye from the Department of Pan-African Studies
  • The Wake Up: Semesterly recap and time capsule of all CPAC events on campus from 2013-2014 at Kent State
  • Co-Host: Raven Fulton & Trey Walker


  • Braylon Lee 
  • Bernard Branner 
  • Endya Watson
  • Lass Kanneh
  • Andrew Pickard
  • Babacar M’Baye

Produced by Web Editor of Uhuru Magazine Garmai Matthew and the 2013-2014 JMC General Manager Gabriel Kramer

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On September 8, 2014 AALANA women from the Kent State campus gathered in the Student Multicultural Center for the Sister Circle Informational. Distinguished guests Dr. Brown, Dr. Nelson and Debra Berry attended to welcome and encourage all the women. Sister Facilitators Felicia Ssempala, Garmai Matthew, Olivia Thompson and Graduate Assistant Roslyn Porch lead the meeting with fun ice breakers, information about Sister Circle and the activities in the upcoming meetings for the fall semester. Sister Circle will meet each Monday from 7 p.m. - 9 p.m. in the Student Multicultural Center.

All the photos from this event were photographed by Dylan Diblik. 

Summer Palace Beijing, China

Photographed by Garmai-K & fellow classmates

Talk about serenity…probably the most peaceful scenery I’ve ever experienced. Being in the midst of such calmness and lack of commotion truly made me realize how much money American youth spends in efforts to find inner peace. “I need to go to the spa, I need to go shopping, I need to get my nails done..”. The youth of today, myself included at times, consume in efforts to conserve or find peace. At Summer Palace, I watched the elderly practice traditional relax methods such as water coloring on the ground. A lot of Chinese people find peace and relaxation in activities that are free. FREE. We have a cramp in our back for a prolonged time, we’re looking for the nearest masseuse to cash out on. On the contrary, typical elderly Chinese woman is looking for a nice patch of grass to do her Tai Chi…for free.

In essence, I guess the best things in life are in fact free.

By Garmai-K.